Is Diet Coke Bad For You

Is Diet Coke Bad For You Is Diet Coke Bad For You 2 Is Diet Coke Bad For You 3

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Fact No Citrus fruits along their possess wont step-up the acidity of the stomach enough to induce gastritis What happens is that acidic foods tin trigger gastroesophageal reflux or GERDsolid food coming back off up from the stomach into the gullet and cause symptoms much as a burning sentiency in the upper central abdomen heartburn and bloating explains gastroenterologist Dr Oscar Gutirrez Because thither ar many causes of rubor and is diet coke bad for you irritation of the stomach lining the outdo affair to do is to bear care to which foods repeatedly yield you digestive problems because everyone is medium to different things and there ar No hard and fast rules What is good for one person put up be terrible for someone else and its outflank to eliminate those spark off foods from your diet

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The safety and technological validity of this study is the responsibleness of the contemplate sponsor and investigators. Listing vitamin A is diet coke bad for you meditate does non think of IT has been evaluated past the U.S. Federal Government.

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